Medway Gold
1 - 2 flowers per stem, dwarf sweetly scented.
4.00 each
Y-Y E/Mid

Miss Klein
New John Blanchard Seedling - a must for the miniature grower - 2/3 delicate yellow flowers per stem
1.00 each
7 Y-Y

More & More
New, 3 - 4, 35mm flowers from Walter Bloom
1.50 each
Y-Y Mid

Bred by John Blanchard, a truly exquisitely formed miniature. Very rarely offered in the UK
5.00 each
Y-Y V/Earl

Pixies Sister
Dwarf habit, 3-6 flowers per stem
1.00 each
7 Y-Y

An outstanding miniature flower with a flat creamy white perianth and a neat yellow cup
1.50 each
W-Y Late

1-4 florets, pale yellow with small corona
1.25 each
7 Y-Y

A classic miniature with many wins to its credit. Best Miniature at Warwick & Harrogate 2009
6.00 each
Y-YYR mid

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