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Amber Valley
A very round dark yellow super smooth perianth with an amber coloured corona which is very round and slightly flared, 110mm-115mm in diameter. One of the next generation bred out of Ombersley which has great potential as a sh
£12.50 each
Y-Y M/Lat

American Dream
One of the best Y-Pís to date. A large flower 110mm wide, with a slender funnel shaped corona slightly flared at the mouth. Good Show record
3.50 each
Y-P Mid

Apple Honey
Perfectly round pure white perianth with a true trumpet sized yellow corona.
2.00 each
W-Y Mid

Very broad large bright yellow perianths 120mm with a long funnel shaped corona A good exhibition cultivar only 20 bulbs
15.00 each
Y-Y Early

Aston Heath (CP)Seedling No. 308
One of our trumpet daffodil range, a round large 110mm round perianth mid yellow in colour, with a bright orange cup,
17.5.00 each

Midas Touch x Gold Convention. Large perianth 115mm and slightly flared corona Very Limited
2.00 each
Y-Y Early

Ben Aligin
One of the John Lea stable, a good trumpet for the restricted classes 20 only
1.50 each
W-W Mid

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