Amber Valley
A very round dark yellow super smooth perianth with an amber coloured corona which is very round and slightly flared, 110mm-115mm in diameter. One of the next generation bred out of Ombersley which has great potential as a sh
£5.00 each
Y-Y M/Lat

American Dream
One of the best Y-Pís to date. A large flower 110mm wide, with a slender funnel shaped corona slightly flared at the mouth. Good Show record. Only a few for sale
2.50 each
Y-P Mid

Aston Heath (CP)Seedling No. 308
One of our trumpet daffodil range, a round large 110mm round perianth mid yellow in colour, with a bright orange cup,
10.00 each

Midas Touch x Gold Convention. Large perianth 115mm and slightly flared corona Very Limited
2.00 each
Y-Y Early

Benjamin (CP) Seedling No.2-91
One of our new white trumpet daffodils, 110mm pure white perianth with a true trumpet corona, good healthy plant and bulb. A useful addition to this division. Mid Season flowering
12.50 each

Bentley Brook (CP) Sdl 326
Bred with Ombersley in its parentage, this large all yellow trumpet daffodil will give that wow factor to any exhibit. The perianth is 115-120mm flat with a good overlap, the corona is true trumpet in length with a slight fla
22.50 each
Y-Y M/Late

This is the first of the next generation of Clive's Division 1Y-Y seedlings. It has the potential in time of becoming the most grown winning variety, replacing Ombersley. A flower of immense size 120-125mm, very round in app
7.50 each

Bramcote Daybreak
Winner of the 1W-Y single bloom class at the RHS Main Show, this cultivar is one of quite a few seedlings from this division, any of which I think are a welcome improvement on the current cultivars available. Not only the siz
12.50 each

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