Altun Ha
best bi-colour to date. too many Best in Show to list
1 for 1.50 - 3 for 4.00

A very large exhibition daffodil, one of the best in its section . A must for the serious exhibitor.
1 for 3.00 - 3 for 7.50

A deep golden yellow perianth 110mm with orange corona, good for impact
1 for 2.00 - 3 for 5.50

B irky
Seedling No 109-19-88 This flower is just wonderful as one would expect with its very special name! Superb in all departments. Breeding seedling x Ben Aligin.
5.00 each
W-P Mid

An excellent show flower which has won many awards
4.00 each
Y-O Mid

Barbara Ann (CP) W Seedling No.895
A extremely large flower with 125mm pure white round perianth, its has a three quarter pure white corona, which expand slightly to the serrated rim. On its first outing, it was in the winning collection of six cultivars, exh
22.50 each

Billy the Kid
105mm vivid yellow broad overlapping perianth,a with cup shaped corona, expanded and rolled at the rim only 20 for sale Mid Season
5.00 each

Biometrics (int)
Released in 2004 by R&E Havens. measures 75 - 80mm. Good early Intermediate
2.00 each
Y-R Mid

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