Deep golden ovate perianth with bright red bowl shaped half length corona.
1.50 each
Y-R Early

Sun Bronze
A excellent show variety with a very large 112mm golden yellow perianth, bred by David Jackson 20 bulbs only
5.00 each
Y-O Mid

One of the best exhibition flowers for early shows. A large broad yellow perianth with an acorn shaped bright orange/red corona. Best Div 2 RHS 2008 & 2009, Reserve Best Bloom 2008
1 for 4.00 - 3 for 11.50

I believe this is the first of many top show varieties to be released by Carlos and has already proved itself by winning the Sara Dear Trophy at 2008 Daffodil Society Show.20 only
7.50 each
W-P Late

Treasue Hunt
A large well proportioned exhibition flower which has a good track record 20 only
6.50 each
Y-GYY Late

Warwick Castle
Superb quality flower that will make its mark in this very popular. Division. Seedling No.1-59-93
1 for 1.50 - 3 for 4.00

Watership Down
Very white smooth ovate perianth, corona slightly flared. 20 bulbs only
1.50 each
W-W Early

White Tea
This is an early white with very broadly ovate perianth segments and a funnel-shaped corona
1.50 each

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