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Bramcote Sunrise
A large balanced flower 108-110mm with mid yellow ace of spades perianth segments and a bright orange corona, mid to late season
10.00 each
Y-O (M/Lat

Bramcote Village
A variety that is much needed as its natural flowering time is mid to late season which for a Y-O is rare. The blooms are a good size measuring 108-110 mm, the colour contrast from golden yellow perianth to bright orange cor
7.50 each

Brooke Ager int
One of the best pink cupped in the intermediate section. Good show flower
3.00 each
W-P (mid)

This golden oldie still wins and is good for the restricted classes.
1.00 each
2W-W Mid

Cameo Affair
A broad periath 115mm, with a straight pale yellow flared rim corona
3.00 each
W-Y Mid

Cameo Fire
110mm Vivid yellow broad perianth segments,funnel shaped corona flared at the rim only 20 for sale
10.00 each

Cameo Flare
A round perianth measuring 105mm with a bight red bowl shaped corona Only 10
5.00 each
Y-R Mid

Cameo Flush
A very good show flower fro NZ, It has a circular perianth some 115mm is diameter is flushed with red tones, which perfectly reflects the disc shaped orona
5.00 each
O-O (Mid)

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