This is the first of many superb exhibition doubles bred by Clive, we think it will make a great impact on the show benches and is also suitable for garden display with a short neck and a long strong stem. The broad petal bac
3.00 each
Y-O Mid

Biggin Hill
One of the new breed of doubles, produces a very full balanced bloom with a strong stem and neck . An excellent exhibition flower which grows to 115 to 120mm. To add to its pedigree and track record it has so far achieved Be
35 each
Y-O E/Mid

Blossom Lady
This is the first time this variety has been offered in the UK. 115 mm Perianth broad and round with the other petaloid segments in 3 whorls. Corona segments are a strong orange in colour 20 only for sale
12.50 each
W-O E/Mid

Cameo Magic
Pure white immensely broad perianth with lemon to cream inner segments
10.00 each
W-Y Mid

Church Wilne CP16-1
Good for pot and ground cultivation, part of the winning 'English Award' at the World Convention in 2016 in Saint Louis. Bright yellow perianth interlaced with orange petaloids which build into a well balanced double. 105mm
15.00 each
Y-O early/

Good standby when needed in collection classes. Few for sale. Mid Stock
1.50 each
4 Y-O

Considered the best yellow double for exhibition with a proven show record of wins
2.50 each
Y-O Mid

A good show flower bred by Brian Duncan with many wins to its credit
4.00 each
W-Y Late

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