Dream Team (CP) Seedling 1-37-47
I am pleased to be able to offer this cultivar, in the transfer from Clive to myself the stock became somewhat depleted and it has taken many years to build it up again. On the occasions it has been seen on the show bench it
17.50 each
4Y-R Mid

First Team (CP) Seedling 1-5-89
Almost perfect double having 4 complete whorls of yellow interspersed with orange petaloids. Very neat. Early season
1 for 2.50 - 3 for 6.00

Gay Kybo
Still winning at many first class shows. A banker. M/Late Season.
1 for 1.50 - 3 for 4.00

Goyt Valley (CP) Late
Yellow perianth interlaced with orange petaloids which builds up into a well balanced double. Not unlike Dream Team in form. 100-105mm in size
25.00 each
4Y-O Seedl

Ingham Nook
Best Division 4 at the Daffodil Society show in 2017. Large round double which measures 108-110mm. The perianth segments are layer on layer which shows a full profile.
35.00 each
Y-O Mid

This is one of many superb exhibition doubles bred by Clive, we think it will make a great impact on the show benches and is also suitable for garden display with a short neck and a long strong stem. The broad petal back is f
1 for 2.50 - 3 for 6.00

Sally's Kingdom
One of the many new doubles, medium sized with superb form.
1 for 3.50 - 3 for 10.00

A good exhibition double, was in the winning North of England class at Harrogate 2008. 107mm. Mid season
1 for 2.50 - 3 for 6.00

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