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Serena Beach
Truly a gigantic and attractive exhibition flower The broad petal back is fronted by regular layers of white petaloids of decreasing size towards the centre which are interspersed with short, crinkly deep lemon yellow coronal
2.50 each
W-Y Mid

This full double flower is well poised on a strong stem and has symmetrical rows of perianth and Corona segments. Good show flower
2.00 each
Y-Y Early

Pure white with orange red petaloids good 20 Only
4.00 each
W-R E/Mid

Veronica Pauline (CP) Seedling No. 1-92-89
A well formed double, rounded 105mm white smooth perianth, heavy substance, overlapping half or more. interspersed with yellow orange petaloid in the centre. Very similar to its seed parent Gay Kybo Mid -Late season
22.50 each

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