Churchfield Bells
Very dainty with 3-4 hanging bells an excellent Show flower
6.50 each
Y=Y Mid

Euphonic Bells
One of the new breed of triandrus, producing 3-5 dainty well placed hanging bells. Superb show flower 10 only for sale
15.00 each
W-W M/Late

Ice Chimes
This little beauty has won many best in show for its Div's It produces 3-5 dainty hanging bells, which have perfect placement Very Rare and not offered frequently 20 only for sale
15.00 each
W-Y E/Mid

Ice Wings
Very consistent, 2-3 flowers per stem. Many Best in Division awards. Mid Season.
1.00 each
5 W-W

Jiggle Bells
New to our catalogue from the USA rated by the raiser W G Pannill
2.00 each
W-Y Mid

Lemon Springs
Another quality div 5 from Elise Havens 4-5 dainty bells which have good placement
5.00 each
Y-Y E/Mid

Quick Bells
Very free flowering white triandrus hybrid Generally 3-4 flowers per stem. 20 only
2.50 each
W-W mid

Spring Chimes
Gracefull pendent flowers with bell shaped pure white coronas and reflexing perianth
3.00 each
W-W M/Late

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