Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans'
A fine cultivar which produces soft pink flowers with a white flash on spur.
2.00 each

Corydalis solida 'George Baker’
A stunning brick red corydalis. Small snap-dragon type flowers on short growth. Fern like foliage.Does well in the garden and prefers part shade.Late March flowering. Ht. 5in.
2.00 each

Hyacinth Blue Eyes
New Pale Blue, long spikes with big bells – Late
1 for 0.50 - 3 for 1.40

Hyacinth Ibis
Pink, dense spikes with large scented bells - Mid
1 for 0.50 - 3 for 1.30

Hyacinth Miss Saigon
Purple highly scented dense spikes - Mid
1 for 0.50 - 3 for 1.30

Hyacinth Mynos
Pale lilac dense spikes with large bells, highly scented – Late
1 for 0.50 - 3 for 1.30

Hyacinth Paul Herman
New Pink, with long dense spikes, highly scented -Late

Hyacinth Royal Navy
New dark Blue double

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