Russian Princess
New a long stemmed large flowering late single red in colour to a white edge
10 for 3.00 - 50 for 13.5

t. humillis Lilliput
Multi headed with 3 - 4 bright red flowers per stem Good in a pot. Ht 5".April flowering
5 for 1.50

t. humillis Odelisque
Dwarf, deep purple with a yellow base very attractive. Flowers March, Ht 4"
5 for 1.50

t. Little Beauty
Dwarf, Outside petals red-purple with green base. A deep blue centre edged with powder blue. Ht 4" March/April flowering
5 for 1.00

t. Little Princess
Multi-headed with 3-4 terracotta orange flowers with pointed petals and attractive black centres surrounded by a broad yellow ring Ht. 4in flowers in April
5 for 1.00

A flower of unparalleled elegance. Delicate white flowers, sepals traced with red on their exterior, and a violet heart. Rare
3 for 2.8

6-9 inches high, a native of Crete with up to 3 white flowers with a pink flush. Good in pots.
3 for 4.5

Currant red, the tips of the slender tepals are slightly reflexed, the reverse of the tepal is tinged crimson, base blackish purple with broad irregular creamy white margin, anthers black
3 for 2.00

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