Very similar to Warbler style but with an improved perianth which makes a very smooth backdrop for the corona. 18 only
10.00 each
Y-Y early

Artist's Life
One of our new releases from Havens very scented. 3 florets per stem
4.50 each

This is the first of many superb exhibition doubles bred by Clive, we think it will make a great impact on the show benches and is also suitable for garden display with a short neck and a long strong stem. The broad petal bac
3.50 each
Y-O Mid

Tiny yellow scented flowers
1.00 each

Aston Heath (CP)Seedling No. 308
One of our trumpet daffodil range, a round large 110mm round perianth mid yellow in colour, with a bright orange cup,
17.5.00 each

Astridís Memory
Still the finest daffodil I have ever seen, just wonderful! Starting to establish itself as one of the best Div 3ís ever bred. Mid season flowering. In short supply.
17.50 each
3 W-Y Late

Best in bulb frame or alpine house. White or pale lilac flowers with a yellow throat. Likes leaf mould in the post and a PH above neutral
3.00 each

A deep golden yellow perianth 110mm with orange corona, good for impact
1 for 3.00 - 3 for 7.50

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