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Worlds Peace
Ht 3ft. Sport of World's Favourite which has the all the same qualities as its perant. Pinky red shading to yellow edges
10 for 3.00 - 50 for 13.50

World’s Favourite
A large Darwin Hybrid orange red in colour with golden yellow edges. It s show record is second to none. Height 3ft. Mid season.
10 for 3.30 - 50 for 13.50

Lovely round flower of pastel yellow, the disc shaped corona is slightly darker. Another flower which is proving its class on the show bench. (20 Only) Mid Season.
1 for 2.50 - 3 for 6.00

115mm wide broad double triangle perianth with a long slightly flared corona very good show record only 20 bulbs
20.00 each
W-Y E/Mid

3 to 5 neat deep yellow flowers
1.50 each

Pure white with flat, neatly pleated corona
2.00 each
3 W-W

Yellow Angels Wish
10 for 3.00 - 50 for 13.50

Yellow Pearl
Dwarf miniature, less than 32.5mm tall, perianth 18 mm wide
4.00 each
Y-Y Mid

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